I read a thing while scrolling social media that hit home a little. It said, “God doesn’t need a lot to do a lot. All David had was five stones. And all David used was one.”

Wow. Yup.

Sometimes I sit here and I think I am dreaming big. Or maybe I think I’m dreaming realistic. Maybe I’m just pleased that I am still dreaming.

But then there’s God. He isn’t dreaming. He is planning. And he has laid out his plan. And it leaves me in awe.

Take for instance my new office that I keep writing about. So many things have just lined up for this office. There is no way a person could have planned for things to have lined up like they have. From the building, to the furniture, even down to the pumpkins for us to give away this Saturday at our open house; everything shows divine intervention! It is amazing!

I’ve always had big dreams. It seems second nature to me. So I guess I don’t reflect much on the dreams sometimes. I think I should reflect a little more. Maybe I’m dreaming where David was with the five stones. I know God is there. I know he’ll hold me up when I am in his will. But my plan would still have the five stones. And God’s plan is better with one.

Tonight I am thankful that no matter how good I think I’ve planned things, God always has a better and bigger plan ❤ I am thankful that I don’t have to carry the weight of trying to plan everything. I have to be diligent of course, but just as importantly, I have to be faithful and patient (being patient is hard for me!).

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