Ok, so hear me out . . I don’t think for one minute that God ever wanted us to suffer.

I read a thing online today that said something like, “God wouldn’t give you so much if he didn’t think you could handle it”. I call Bull.

Let’s go back to the very word father. The Bible says repeatedly that God is our Heavenly Father. My husband is a very good father to our children. He has never once made life intentionally crappy for our children because he knew they could handle it or test them. Good thing too, because he and I would be having some words. Why? Because that is just WRONG. So if the hubster is a human, very far from being perfect, how much more would God especially not give us bad things!?

“But if God is God, then he could stop the bad things, right? So he must let them happen.”

If you are a parent, have you ever given your child the power to do something and then watched them fail? I have. Why didn’t I swoop in and save them? Because I had already told them that they needed to do whatever it was – I know they can’t grow if I do everything for them all the time.
If I told them that I was giving them power to use my debit card and my name to go in to a store and pick up a gallon of milk and they come out with a gallon of orange juice, is that my fault that I didn’t take back what I just gave them to save them from a mistake? Or what if they walked out of my car, dropped the debit card on the ground, and kept walking. When they get to the check out, is it my fault that they can’t pay?

We are not helpless people. God gave us things to get thru life. And sometimes life does get to be too much. And in those times God says, Come to me when you are weak and tired and I’ll get you thru it. Why? Because he loves us. And when we are not weak and tired, God is still there. In my example above I waited in the car. God is walking thru the store with us!

Same scenario, if I give my child these things and my child is so exhausted that they keep yawning as they walk in to the store, will I let them go? Probably. Will I come and help them if they ask me too? Absolutely! I can see them! I see they need me!

I have the opportunity in life right now to get very overwhelmed. But I won’t. I started to a little . . then I remembered that I wasn’t given all this stuff as a “test” from God. And God doesn’t expect, or want me to do all this stuff by myself. Who would want me to break? Hmm . . not God.

Tonight I am thankful that I don’t walk alone. Tonight I am thankful that I don’t have to carry the stress and weight of life alone. Do you see any strength in me? It’s not me. It’s the one I lean on and try to walk with (though sometimes I wander, I try to come right back. And he is somehow always smiling with arms wide open, waiting for me!).

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