Their Choices

Well, I guess I’ll share something personal here from our family life.

We have taken a step outside of our prior “norm”. And we are now homeschooling one of the kiddos!

We are pretty new with this. Although I’ve mildly looked at options for years. And right now I’m getting pretty excited that my kiddo is getting pretty excited about this! Seeing the empowerment already on my kiddo’s face is exciting! There hasn’t been this much excitement about school in a long time. What’s better is that the excitement is based on having an education plan that is going to be more personalized to learning styles. Seeing my kiddo excited about having a say in some of the aspects of our new schooling plan is fantastic!

Tonight I am thankful for my kiddo giving thoughtful consideration to what is best for them. I am thankful the hubster is on board with helping with all of this. And I am thankful that this feels right for this kiddo. Every kiddo is different. And by the time all of my kiddos have graduated, each one is going to have went on a different path to get there; along the way, taking control and making their own decisions on what is best for them!

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