Yesterday I was in a Zoom with a group of other business owners across the country. People were sharing some concerns with life and business. It is funny how sometimes there is a theme on these Zooms with issues being faced.

The majority of issues from owners in different industries in different states boiled down to being overwhelmed. It is easy to do. No matter what is on your plate of life, staring at it can be overwhelming. And feeling like you alone have to carry what is on your plate is completely overwhelming.

Now here is why I love this group of people, the discussion turned to how we shouldn’t carry the weight of the world ourselves. Now I’m sure this is discussed in other forums. The unique thing in this group is that it is a Christian based organization. The moderator pointed out how we can never do enough things or be enough of a person by ourselves. We are enough as we are because God says we are. There is no amount of things on our plate of life or a to-do list large enough to change that fact one way or another. We don’t earn this “being enough”, it was a gift given of love. We couldn’t do this ourselves.

Tonight I am thankful for the reminder yesterday that each of us is enough as we are, that we never have to carry everything ourselves, and that God’s truths are always bigger than the things we see right in front of us.

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