Halloween plans change as kiddos get older. Not everyone goes trick or treating now. But costumes are still a desired Halloween item!

One kiddo considered wearing a shirt that said “LIFE” and handing out lemons. He changed his mind and decided to be a giant mop. I had found a large blue blanket at an estate sale yesterday. It looked perfect to be cut up and transformed in to a mop!

This morning I showed the kiddo the blanket and he said the blanket was too good to be cut up! Well, it was the right shade of blue to match Linus’s blanket . . and we happen to be “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” fans! We did a quick trip to Walmart for a $5 clearance red t-shirt. A little Sharpie magic for lines on the shirt, a stuffed Snoopy dog, and a cardboard box-turned-sign. And Boom – we had a great Linus!!

I have to say this kiddo is such a good sport! He first wanted to get a really scary mask for Halloween weeks ago. And I veto’d the ones he shared with me. Judge if you’d like, but I truly don’t care. I don’t care for the gory masks at all. If you do, that is fine for you! But my kiddo, in my house, well he is subject to my opinions. So anyway, he was such a good sport! Going from gory, scary mask goals to being such a fantastic Linus shows what a great kiddo he is! And in return, he got lots of candy 🙂 A good trade-off, I think!

Tonight I am thankful for my kiddo being so good with the costume events this season! And I am thankful that the Linus costume came together so well at the last minute!

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