I had horrible focus this morning. I had a pretty important meeting in late morning. And that is where my mind was.

It was a meeting for a kiddo, as we try to find the best path. The meeting went pretty well. We almost have a good path set. I still need to have a few more follow-up meetings with a few other people to see if this plan will work. And if it won’t, I’ve got a pretty good back up plan. But, Plan A could possibly align with all the kiddo’s goals.

It’s hard when it’s your kiddo. You want what’s best for them. And when what’s best for them is hard, well, it makes things difficult. This particular kiddo has went thru some hard stuff for awhile now. And I haven’t bailed this kiddo out because there were some hard lessons to be learned. Now that the hard lessons are being learned, now we have to clean up the aftermath.

The big thing, with all my kiddos, is that I’d rather have them learn some hard lessons here with me. Life will have hard lessons to learn. If they can learn some of those lessons now, I can help.

Tonight I am thankful for a pretty good meeting today. I am thankful for a kiddo heading in the right direction, learning to be responsible, learning to make personal decisions, learning to set goals, and learning to recognize personal limits. I am also thankful for a little break in my schedule after the meeting. I went for a nice calming walk and enjoyed the beautiful fall scenery!

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