Chatty Patty

I didn’t play with dolls a ton when I was a kid. I had some Barbies that I played with a little. And I had one actual baby doll that I liked. Her name was Chatty Patty. Per the internet, she was only made in 1983. She had a pull string on her back that made her talk. She came with some toys, that if she held them in her hand; she said different things. I had forgotten about her accessories until I saw them just now in my search.

Today I was in an antique mega mall with my oldest kiddo. We walked around for a bit, then we went down a ramp to a lower level and went back in to the 80’s! There was a Teddy Ruxbin. I always thought he was cool! He was too expensive when I was a kid, so I never had one. But I loved his commercials! Anyway, there was Teddy Ruxbin! Smurfs, Garfield, Alvin and the Chipmunks, The California Raisins, Alf and more . . they were all there!

Then, I turned a corner and there was a familiar face that I had forgotten about. Chatty Patty! I pulled the string on her back, and she still talked!!! As silly as it sounds, my eyes started to get a little watery! I felt like I had stepped back in time to my childhood. I was completely and utterly unprepared!

Tonight I am thankful for meeting an old friend today! I sent this picture to my mom; she remembered Patty too! And for the rest of the story . . I bought Chatty Patty today ❤

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