Elf Plans

I know there are those that scoff at Black Friday sales. I’ve seen the Memes around the internet like “saved $$ by not shopping” and “woke up late because I don’t care about sales”. BUT, I am not one of those people!

We are a family of six people. I will save all the money I can! So far I saved over $2000!!! I LOVE when I save more than I spend!!!

I save all year long for spending on these sales. And I don’t just Christmas shop right now. This is when I upgrade things around the house. No one wants new towels for Christmas, but they are on good sales; and we need new towels from time to time. So my Christmas savings account accounts for household upgrades / replacements as well. So when I go to save $$, I plan on saving big!

Tonight I am thankful for some successful shopping in person and online! I would say I am probably around 75 to 80% complete with my Christmas shopping! Now, my goal this year is to NOT wait until the last minute to wrap . . . I am hopeful in hitting this goal!

Here are some of my elf-shoppers going the WRONG WAY for the sales! 😉

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