Earlier this year we made the decision to homeschool one of the kiddos. This has been the absolute best choice for this kiddo. I know it isn’t for every kiddo, but it has been the right choice for sure in this case!

I was sharing this earlier today with a friend and I had a thought that I hadn’t previously had before.

When my brother was in kindergarten, many, many years ago, he started coming home from school very quiet. My mom had talked to the doctor during a check-up and mentioned that she had been talking to him and that he was having troubles in school. After conversations (and to make a longer story shorter), the doctor said that my brother should be moved to a different classroom. The conversation was something like, some people just don’t fit well together, and my brother with this particular teacher just weren’t a good fit. That was a good analogy.

I do want to say that in our case with my kiddo, the school was not the problem. The school had tried several times. Our problem was the whole thing. I greatly appreciate the public school system . . but it isn’t for everyone. I understand that. There isn’t one job that would work for everyone. There isn’t one type of transportation, home, clothes, etc that works for everyone. Education is the same way.

Tonight I am thankful for making this decision for my kiddo. He is learning more. He is (most days) more interested in learning. And I am also very thankful for 1) our journey with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace to help us be able to do this and 2) my businesses that have allowed flexibility to be available for my family. ❤

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