Accidental Awesome

One of the best accidental traditions we created in our family was birthday family photos! It started several years ago . . I don’t remember how. But the birthday person, after cake and presents, goes around the table and gets a picture taken with each other individual family member. There is always joking and we always get some great pictures!

Tonight’s birthday boy got an extra surprise! See, I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, and got limited responses. He is a teenage boy. He wants a new truck or maybe food. There is little in between.

Today, my mom and my daughter went in and decorated the work office! The birthday boy had wanted Subway for dinner. He doesn’t really like cake, so he wanted ice cream . . from the Daily Scoop in town. So the surprise idea was born. I was just going to get a few balloons. But the surprise birthday committee out did themselves!

I wish I had my camera on when he walked in the door and saw the place decorated!! It was great!! His face turned red and everything!

We sat down, enjoyed sandwiches, ice cream, presents, and then our birthday photos!

Tonight I am thankful for a great birthday surprise for my birthday boy! And I am thankful for great birthday photos to remember this birthday with my birthday baby boy ❤

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