10 Minutes (in to an hour)

This is sometimes the photos that I get with my teenage kiddos . . sometimes they get a little camera shy 😉 But, they are awesome!

Today, we went out to lunch after church. I had some furniture to move at the office. I asked the kids if they wanted to help. They did not. The hubster told the kids they were going to help. They did not want to. I asked the kids if they would help me. I told them it would mean a lot to me. They were reluctantly on board to help.

I thought it would take us 10 minutes. I mean, with all of us there, it shouldn’t take long at all! Except, we found out we had to take a part of the big table apart. We had a screwdriver, not a screwgun. That took awhile.

While the tables were being moved, we moved the copy machine. Then we had to move the ethernet line. I went in to the crawl space and found that a furnace duct was completely unattached. So, I had to go deeper in to the crawl space to fix the furnace duct while moving the ethernet.

Tonight I am thankful for my crazy kiddos and hubster who stopped on the way home to do a 10 minute task that took probably close to an hour (I wasn’t timing it). They are amazing ❤

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