Kiddo Style

On a regular basis, the kiddos take my stuff. Sometime over the years I pretty much gave up on many things. They take my socks. They borrow my shoes. My jackets fit everyone. My hairbrush has other peoples’ hair in it. And those are just personal items.

On Black Friday sales I bought around 8 pairs of new scissors. I have 2 left in my drawer. My paperclips disappear. Notebooks are gone. Pens run away. I haven’t seen a pencil in over a month. I once bought an entire shelf of clearance nail clippers, knowing they wouldn’t last long in my house.

I’m sure you get the point.

Anyway, such is the life of Momma with teenage kiddos. I roll with it most of the time. There are more important things than getting upset over such things.

Tonight though, I am thankful for the times when I get to borrow things back from the kiddos! This picture features a shirt from one kiddo and a hat from another kiddo! 🙂 They keep me stylish! 🙂

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