In the new office I have a fireplace that is empty. We do not have any plans on making it a working wood-burning fireplace again; being an office and all. So I’ve had plans to either go gas or electric.

I did find a nice insert at Menards for a little over $100. And that was the plan. The office has still been getting updates, so the fireplace insert had to wait it’s turn on the list of things.

Today we went to an indoor garage sale at the Ingham County Fairgrounds. And I found an electric fireplace insert for $30!!! The catch was that a front piece was a little broken. My thought – Who Cares?! 🙂 It looks great!

Tonight I am thankful for a like-new fireplace insert for only $30 today! I should have taken a picture when we put it in the fireplace, but I forgot. So here is a complimentary internet google photo for your enjoyment 🙂

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