A Prayer

There is a prayer written on a piece of paper that is folded in half and stuck in a checkbook cover at my house. It is a prayer written over fifteen years ago. I may have written about it here. I don’t remember.

It is humbling and worth celebrating for me to look at that piece of paper now. That prayer was my most absolute heart’s desire for my family. And God provided more than I could have thought possible at that time.

I have been working on my faith lately. It is silly (not in a good way), that sometimes when I have these blessing in my life; I overlook or just don’t see that God still has more than I think is possible! I feel so, so blessed. And God still has greater plans in store! I am working on keeping that part more up front in my mind and heart!

Tonight I am thankful to remember that God is not done with my life by far! I believe it may be time to write a new prayer to stick in my checkbook now a days. Maybe now will be one that is bigger and can leave room more for God’s heart’s desire for me and my family! I know I couldn’t write a prayer big enough to hold God’s desires . . but my new prayer can be more open ended to be faithful to follow God’s path to see his plans over mine!

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