A Book

I am in a couple of groups for people with loved ones with asperger syndrome.

First of all, OMG how I dislike this name. When you say it out loud, it sounds like someone has some tushy burgers. But, let’s move past this.

The groups of people who have loved-ones with asperger’s, (the loved ones have the nickname as “aspie”s), has been eye opening, inspiring, helpful, and reflective. About a week ago, someone shared this book all cats have asperger syndrome by Kathy Hoopmann and a book called Break Through the Noise by Mia Reyes. Today my copy of the cat one came in the mail! I read thru it with my aspie and it was good. Lightbulbs went off for my aspie while turning the pages. The same author has a book called all dogs have ADHD. After reading today’s book, I have ordered the dog one also!

Tonight I am thankful for a book to help explain when my words aren’t getting thru.
Although giving away the ending is usually frowned upon, I will share that the end of this book is definitely good! It points out how this can be a superpower. We talked about how this can be good! And how self awareness can lead to improvement and bringing out the best of a mind that thinks this way!

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