Please excuse the fuzziness of the photo. I can’t post pictures of homes owned by people. So I have this all blurred up.

This was in a basement today. I walked around a corner and this guy scared the crap out of me!!

People, for the love of my bladder, (just kidding, there were no *accidents*) please, please, PLEASE place any life size figures against the wall when the appraiser is coming! This also goes for large trophy-stuff bears. And stuffed toy rats or mice. And, floor to ceiling mirrors, right around the landing to stairways. Just . . don’t do it. Or, sending warning to someone going in to your house!

Tonight I am thankful for all the times that I have not wet myself or had a heart attack while alone in an empty house with horribly placed items. Yay for catching my breath and continuing on without heart palpations!

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