Tears & Real Estate Documents

I had a meeting this afternoon. It was a one of those meetings that a person puts a little extra pressure on themselves about. There is so much trust in this transaction, with a man that is very discerning about the people he does business with. I had made the cut, as I have before with him. But, I know that I also have “airhead” tendencies that many forgive; but that part of me really needed to stay in check today!

We were sitting at the table, going over the paperwork, and the man paused. He let me know that this deal was happening because of a prior interaction that we had. He needed help a few years ago with a personal matter that I had knowledge of how to navigate thru. Of course I helped him. It was the right thing to do! He told me today, that the help I provided was one of the nicest things that anyone had ever done for him.

I was floored. The man is in his mid 70’s. That’s a long time to have my actions stand out amongst his memories. I had actually been beating myself up, because I think I could have helped him faster. And I really don’t like regrets, so this has not sat well with me.

So there I was, fighting back tears, as we worked on real estate documents. I got out to my car and called my mom. I’m still a little bit in shock. This man has helped others and had others ask for his help for decades upon decades. I have considered a privilege that I was able to help when I did. But, it wasn’t a completely huge amount of my time or anything. I just cared about him and wanted to help make things right for him.

Tonight I am thankful that a person will never regret doing the right thing. I heard a saying once, I think from Kenneth Copeland. I searched the internet quickly, and google doesn’t know who started it. But it goes, “do the right thing, do it because it is right, and then go do it right”. That plays thru my head from time to time. And tonight I am going to bed humbled by this man who caught me off guard today.

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