Below is a photo of the type of phone that I like to make phone calls on.

Yeh, I don’t like to make phone calls. Every once in awhile, I’ll get in a phone-chatty mood. But, on a regular basis; I don’t like it. Video calls, preferably not. I’m adequate at emailing, not the best. And I don’t return all texts. Basically, non-in person communication is just not my specialty.

Unfortunately for me, I am in a service industry. I have to make phone calls, whether I like it or not!

Tonight’s blog may seem silly to some. But tonight I am pretty proud of all the phone calls I made today! This won’t change. I can be in business for 50 years, and I’ll still be very proud of myself when I confidently talk on the phone! Hey, at least I know what makes me feel proud of myself, right? We’ll just call this a win 🙂

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