One Bag

This morning the hubster and I got up (almost) bright and early and set off for Home Depot! We had big plans! Unfortunately, the bags of mulch were all frozen together. But, we were able to get other things on our list!

The kiddos came to help the hubster and I work on a house today. They dislike and simultaneously appreciate the opportunity to make $$ helping. 🙂 The hubster and I definitely appreciate their help!

In the afternoon a second trip to Home Depot was made, in hopes that the warm weather and sunshine had thawed out the mulch. Well, we got one. One bag of mulch. That was all that we could get off of the frozen pallet. See it at the corner of the house? That is our one bag of mulch that we were able to get today!

Tonight I am thankful for all the things that we DID get done today!! Things inside the house are caulked, painted, and trimmed! Outside of the house this walk-way was made and the holes in the driveway were filled with gravel! Oh! And we laid one bag of mulch 🙂 🙂 We have a little more to do . . but we keep getting closer and closer!!

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