I don’t ever intend on having a personal chef. I mean, it would be cool and all. But, ya know . . even if I had millions of dollars, I don’t know if I could do it.

I couldn’t see myself ever being someone who would want strangers living in my house. Even if I was a billionaire and had a mansion. People could come and visit. But, I wouldn’t want people staying in my house.

Do you see, I may have put some thought in to this . . . probably more than actual thoughts on how to become a millionaire or billionaire 😉

However, I DO like having people cook for me! Like my friend Howie!

Tonight I am thankful for Hungry Howies! My personal chef of the evening did a fantastic job with the pizza and delivered in super speedy time!! The food was still piping hot!! Oh, and Howie cooks gluten free food for my gluten free kiddo!!

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