I’ve been working on something for awhile now. I think since November I’ve been working on my slowly changing long term plan with my businesses.

Isn’t it strange? I’ve had a long term plan for a long time. The plan has changed in the past. And I think that’s normal. Life continues down a path, and the path has a curve. So, a person readjusts.

But lately, I’ve needed to change my plans. And that is hard. Sometimes you just know you aren’t wanting to be completely on the same path; but you don’t know how to change the path to where it should be.

Today I was talking to my Mom, just talking. And it was one of those moments where rambling turned in to an idea. And, I think it’s the start to a good plan. Isn’t it strange how months of deliberating resulted in a good idea from just chatting with my Mom?!

Tonight I am thankful for a good start of direction changing with long term business plans! I am feeling pretty good with this plan. It is bringing a peace already, and that is just since my conversation this morning! 🙂

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