Concussion Log Day 8:

I went in to the doctor today. Some loved ones have been urging me to go in. Now that it has been a week with no real improvement, I decided to go in. The doctor said there doesn’t appear to be any brain bleeding. So that is good!

There is nothing to do but wait to heal.

Waiting. Patience. *sigh*

I will be honest, the biggest hurdle so far has been the lack of my ability to multi-task. I knew I multi-tasked a lot during the day. Now I am realizing how often . . like 70% of my day. My brain just can’t handle it now. And wow does that slow me up!

Tonight I am thankful for this realization that maybe I’ve been putting more on myself than I would previously admit. I do know that my brain multi-tasks quite well; I’ve been doing it for years . . . well probably my whole life. My mom used to dump out 2 or more puzzles at a time for me when I was little. Even then I wanted to be working on more than one thing at once.

Anyway, I am thankful for seeing my day-to-day in a new light. I am thankful that I will heal and that this is only temporary. And I am thankful to be going to bed now, because I am exhausted!

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