Over a year ago, I had bought a specific ebook. Earlier this week I saw that the author of the ebook was hosting a webinar. I signed up for it – 6:30 last night. Around 6:20, I went in to my email to find the information and found that it was 6:30 mountain time. That meant that the blasted thing didn’t start until 8:30. I have been requiring extra sleep lately. So that did not sound good to me.

But, I tuned in at 8:30. And I stayed thru the whole thing. And I was glad I did!

I haven’t felt like learning new things lately. I’ve pretty much only felt like curling up in a ball and sleeping 24/7.

Tonight I am thankful that I did stay up and tuned in to the webinar last night. I’ve been thinking about things all day today. I’m excited with some new thoughts and process to take in to practice!!

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