The year was 2002, I was graduating college! I had recently bought my own home. I had more recently gotten married and paid for a good portion of a wedding. Which means, I wasn’t exactly swimming in extra cash.

I loved all the college swag that was for sale in the bookstore. The only “extra” that I sprang for was a notebook with the college stuff printed on the front. Oh, and now that I think of it, I did have a bumper sticker for awhile . . . although that may have been a gift.

All these years have gone by, and finally I asked for a school sweatshirt sometime recently. And I got one 🙂 I have been very content with this!

But tonight, at an event for my daughter, she won a Baker College coffee cup!! Do I drink coffee? Um . . no. Do I use these types of cups? Um . . not very often. Am I taking her cup? Absolutely!! 🙂

Seriously, she didn’t like winning the cup, she had to walk in front of a room of people. And technically we can “share” the cup . . I mean, I share my special cups with the kiddos!

Tonight I am thankful for my daughter winning more college swag! I am also very thankful that she is going to share! What a good sport! 🙂 🙂

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