Letting My Nerd Side Shine :)

I love stationary products. When I walk in to an Office Max, I get a great feeling of joy and excitement 🙂

I have a collection of notebooks. And yes, I love when a new kind of notebook is released to the market 🙂 The one I am carrying below is my absolute current favorite! It is an Office Depot product with plastic folder tabs to separate the pages, spiral bound, but the spirals are covered. It is wonderful!

Today I stopped in to Target “really quick” (ha ha ha). I took myself for a stroll thru the stationary aisle. 🙂 That was my Friday night pick-me-up! I didn’t go crazy. I only bought on multi-pack of pens, that I don’t need . . I love the Sharpie gel pens, and now they have them in colors! And I only bought one new notebook, that I don’t need 🙂

I am sorry for my children who will one day realize that their mother is a hoarder of stationary products. Perhaps they’ve already figured it out. Ah well. I can state that the jar on my desk with 8 pairs of scissors, is actually because of the children and their highway scissor robbery ways! I can’t really blame them for the notebooks and pens though . . .

Tonight I am thankful (as silly as it may sound) for my favorite old notebook and my new notebook; along with all the Sharpie pens! I have so many ideas to jot down in style now! 🙂

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