Don’t Tell Mom!

Ok . . so it was a nice simple text from my brother. Free subs for both of our names!

Then, the ideas started! Being states away, we could both get a free sub. We could photograph the free sandwiches, and make a collage for Mom for Mother’s Day! She’ll love seeing her kids doing something together, but states away!

She’s not going to read this . . so NO ONE tell her!!

Ok, but seriously, she’ll think this is the cutest! And I’ll maybe bring her a sub along with whatever cute picture compilation we make for her! I was trying not to look too silly taking pictures, so I just took a bunch of them in a row while getting the sandwiches tonight! Now to delete a bunch of these also!

Tonight I am thankful for my brother’s find with the free subs! I am thankful for our unique gift that we get to give to Mom. And of course, I’m thankful for my free sub!! 🙂

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