Ah the hard part of parenting . . today I took a kiddo to learn some of life’s hard truths. You have to work for things.

My kiddo was hoping to have some items that could be turned in for dollars. The kiddo was planning this for weeks. The hubster and I had warned the kiddo of how pawn shops work and how they were not going to offer a lot of money.

But, alas, the kiddo needed to give it a try and hear it. So today, we finally went and did it. My kiddo was not happy. I will say that the kiddo handled it very well in the shop. When we got in the safety of the car, then we had some talks and worked thru some of the emotions. Then we drove home with some silence to calm some things down and deal.

Tonight I am thankful for a life lesson learned for my kiddo. I wish it didn’t have to hurt. But, as least I can be here to talk things thru and offer support.

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