Her Own Adventure . . .

Last year I took my mom to Mackinaw Island to have lunch at the Grand Hotel for her birthday and Mother’s Day. She loved it! She hadn’t been to the island in almost 40 years. And even then, she hadn’t explored the island. So we had taken the carriage ride and took in some sights.

It was last year that it dawned on me that my mom has not had a lot of adventures. She would never complain, she’s just that darn sweet and appreciative of all the good things in her life. But, she has always spent her time taking care of others so much, that she hasn’t chased adventures that were only hers.

It was last year that I decided that each year going forward, we would spend her birthday and Mother’s Day with an adventure! That is really a great gift for her anyway because my Marky buys her anything that she looks for over 10 seconds . . which doesn’t leave a lot of room for others to buy her gifts. ❤

This year we have come to Hocking Hills!! We were going to come here, walk some trails, and go back in one day. My mom helps take care of my grandma, so she can’t stay gone for long. But, we were assured and encouraged to spend the night!

I knew we were NOT going to do a hotel! My childhood has memories of this woman learning to play John Denver songs on her guitar, like that was the only thing that she learned to play on her guitar! So, a kiddo and I started stalking AirBnb’s and Vrbo’s for just the right cabin to stay at for just one night. And, We Found It! Secluded log cabin, up on a hill, hot tub on the porch overlooking the rolling hills (what a hidden blessing that the porch was looking west so we could enjoy the sunset!)!

Tonight I am thankful for a successful trip so far with my Mommy! We spent some time with a beautiful park and trails, picked up some things, and have been enjoying the hot tub and cabin! Tomorrow we’ll hit some more trails and parks before heading back home! 🙂 Happy Birthday and Mother’s Day Mom! ❤

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