Yummy Dilemma

If you’ve been here with my blog for awhile, or know me in real life, you may know that I have four teenage kiddos. We go thru a lot of groceries. And there are several items that we never buy one at a time.

One of those items is milk. We generally buy three to four gallons at a time. And we generally do this once to twice per week.

Within the last year we bought a used refrigerator to have as a second fridge. It works great with the bulk grocery buying! Except . . . the second fridge lives in the basement, so I don’t always check what’s in it. Well, not just me. The hubster and kiddos don’t always check either.

The lack of checking is how we recently ended up with six gallons of milk! Oops! The hubster had bought 4 gallons. He put one in the upstairs fridge and three in the downstairs fridge. I had saw the one gallon upstairs. So I thought I was being conservative getting only 2 gallons of milk! Oops!

Tonight I am thankful that we won’t run out of milk this week! I might need to get some Oreos to help with this situation!!! What a Yummy Dilemma we have here! By the way . . . does anyone need some milk?

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