Timothy Louis Templeton

We have the absolute sweetest outdoor tom cat named Tim. At one time his name was Timothy Louis Templeton . . but he goes by Tim or Timmy. Actually have the feeling that a kiddo is going to correct me and maybe the Templeton part was the name given to one of those fur covered bouncy balls with a face . . . but I digress . .

Timmy protects the other cats to an extent. But, he is a lover, not a fighter. He cuddles with the kittens. He gives baths to the messy adult cats. When he comes inside he reaches out his paw and just wants to hold his humans. He purrs very loud and smiles ❤

Monday, we came home after the parade and found poor Timmy with an ear that looked like a pizza roll. 😦 We have had an indoor cat have this situation before. We called and made him an appointment.

Today Timmy went in to the vet and got his ear drained. It turned out that both of his ears were infected, which is why he was shaking his head so hard that he made his ear plump up. *sigh* Poor Timmy.

Tonight I am thankful that Timmy has went to the doctor and is on his way back to healthiness! He is a special kitty!

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