I hope you enjoy tonight’s blog, as being assisted with visual aids!

This morning I went for my second bike ride of the year so far! Six miles! I am very proud of myself! I was also hot and sweaty when I got home. I was relaxing for a bit and cooling myself down when Minnie, my doggy wanted to come and sit with me.

We snuggled for a few minutes, when Henry, another one of my doggies got jealous. Minnie and I looked at him. We told him not to be jealous . . well, that is what I told him. I’m not so sure that is what Minnie told him.

Well, Henry jumped a little at Minnie. And Minnie jumped a little at Henry . . except Minnie was in the recliner with me! Then the recliner fell backwards on the floor!

Fortunately I was just laughing. I was not hurt. No doggies were hurt. It was just a hilarious situation!

Tonight I am thankful for a fun time this morning playing with my puppy dogs! I had a hard time stopping the laughing!! And, when I did get out of the chair, Henry (who was at least 50% to blame in all of this) climbed up in the chair before we could tip it back upright! He thought we were playing king of the mountain or something!

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