In Writing

Well this week has been interesting. After kind-of upsetting my brain on Tuesday, I learned that my brain was not 100% healed from the whole concussion thing.

I know they say that head injuries are unpredictable. And I’ve had family members with brain injuries, so I knew their stories. I personally have an extremely hard head, like literally, and never thought much about this being an issue for me.

So, Tuesday was absolute crap. I started falling behind with work because I spent several hours in bed – dizzy, exhausted, waves of sweat and heat, waves of freezing cold, and migraines. Wednesday I was dizzy most of they day. Yesterday I walked around with huge dark circles under my eyes because I was just exhausted. And today I’ve just been tired.

Tonight I am thankful that whatever I did seems to be healing quicker than last time. I promise right here, in writing, to be nicer to myself. Tuesday could have been avoided if I hadn’t been pushing myself so much. And I am thankful for the lack of caring at this moment that I am still behind with work, I’m heading to bed to get some rest! I can catch up tomorrow!

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