For years I have wanted a stand up old mirror that tilts! But, do you know how much those cost???? Like way more than I am willing to pay! Like seriously around $100 . . and I can get a mirror that stays on the back of a door for $7 at Walmart!

Of course I could choose to pay $100 and get the mirror that I’ve wanted for years. BUT, there are some things that I just have a problem with . . . and one of those things is paying around $100 for a freaking mirror!!!

Yesterday a kiddo and I stopped at an estate sale. Guess what!?!?!? There was a mirror like I’ve wanted! I almost didn’t even look at the price tag. I’ve seen these at sales before and they are usually around $50. I won’t pay $50 for a mirror either.

But this one . . . this one was $20!!! Sold!!!

Tonight I am thankful for my new-to-me $20 mirror that I have always wanted! OH! And I also got this snazzy new t-shirt for less than $1!! (Ya’ll thought I was posing in a bikini on this public blog now didn’t you?? Nope, not happening this year!!)

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