Eye-Rolled at Myself

This morning I was reminded again how blessed I am with the people that I work with!

We were having our Monday morning meeting. We had some things to talk to about. And as we worked our way down the list, one of the topics opened up another area of concern.

This other area was one that I had purposefully not brought up before. But it was an area that I wasn’t the most comfortable. And hearing the thoughts of my team was really eye opening.

The discussion went very well. And it was a really good reminder that sometimes I take on things that I really need to talk to others about! The work thing I was keeping up because others wanted it, wasn’t really something that mattered.

I totally eye-rolled at myself!! If I had just had a conversation awhile ago, I could have saved myself some time and un-necessary efforts!

Tonight I am thankful for a good team that is open and talks thru concerns, sharing thoughts and working out a good plan to change things for the better!!

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