Sometimes there are these glaring moments of life that make a person feel like maybe, just maybe they are maturing 🙂

Maybe it shouldn’t surprise me when I finally start making progress on something that has historically been difficult for me. But, nope, I’m surprised!

One thing that I struggle with is that I want to chase every good idea that pops in to my head!! But, I’ve really been working on slowing down and trying to remember that just because something is a good idea, does NOT mean that it is a good idea for me! Or even if it is a good idea for me, that does NOT mean that the time in my life might be good for the good idea!

Today I’ve been looking at a new idea. I’m looking at facts. I’m trying to plan if this is truly good for me. I still need to find more facts.

Tonight I am thankful for taking slow steps to research an idea to make an intentional decision on if this idea is good for me, AND good for me right now in life!

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