Slow Process

Today I went thru some of my books. My bookshelves will be up soon at the office and it was time to decide what books stay at home and what books go to the office.

I know this may seem like a slow process. I mean, I was moving stuff in to the office to begin working there about a year ago. But, hey, what can I say? I am a slow mover on some things!

It was fun looking thru my book collection! There are some that I haven’t even read yet! I am going to need to plan on some good reading time for sure!

Tonight I am thankful for some quality time with my books today! I am thankful for a good place to store the books now! I am going to have 2 bookshelves at the office . . . TWO!! Can you imagine!?!?! 🙂 Some of my books have had to live in boxes and stashed in nooks and crannies of the house. Now they can sit proudly on bookshelves! Hooray!

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