Following Me

See the purse in the picture? My kiddo bought it at a garage sale. So it came home with us.

It was outside while the kiddo cleaned the purse. I will admit that I brought the purse inside when it was getting rainy outside.

Then the purse jumped to the floor. Over the course of maybe 10 days the purse kept jumping to the floor (or knocked down from kids and animals). I picked the purse back up several times. I moved the purse several times. The purse always followed me!

Today I was at the office, not at home. I turned around and there was the purse!!

Ok, there actually was a logical explanation. The purse was sent to the office by one kiddo via another kiddo to be stored in the basement with some other things. But, I was not told!! I had just turned around and there was the purse! The purse that has been following me!

Tonight I am thankful that the purse should hopefully leave me alone now! It is stored safely in the basement at the office. No more purse chasing me!! Hooray!

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