Well . . I’ve been waiting to share this news. I had to wait until the hubster was ready. And he’s ready to talk now!

We are moving!! Ahhhh!

Next month will be 10 years at this house. It has been a good house! It is five minutes from the school. There is space for all the kiddos and critters! There is so much to be thankful for here!

But, I knew when we moved in that this wasn’t our “forever” house. It was not a secret. This was a “for the kids” house. And it has served it’s purpose well!

Our lives are different than they were 10 years ago. Now we have one kiddo graduated. One kiddo graduating after this next school year. Another kiddo turning of driving age this year. And the last kiddo being homeschooled – so the 5 minutes to the school doesn’t matter for him.

We’ve gone back and forth for quite some time on our future with this house. Just a couple of months ago we decided on larger renovation plans for this house! Then, when we got back from our family vacation; I hopped online to see what house listings I had missed while we were gone. And there was an estate home in need of some updates. It wasn’t super impressive online. But we were curious so we went to take a look. Hmmm.

This is a strategic move for us. Moving to the new house and selling this one will help us greatly reach some other financial and future goals for our family! For those that follow Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps, this will have us ending the year in Baby Step 7!!! I am SO EXCITED!!

So, for anyone in the area who is interested, the timeline is as follows: We are closing on the new house in a couple of weeks. The new house needs a little work before we move in. Then the animals move to the new house, while we live in two houses for a bit. Then we spruce up this house once it is animal free. And then this house will be up for sale!

Tonight I am thankful for this opportunity for our family! Seriously, I am so excited to be doing something that will change our family’s future in such an impactful way!! And the moving will be a good exercise for our family too! We have a lot of extra stuff that can be gone thru and lighten our load! I’ve joked that we should pretend we are moving for years, just to have a motivational reason to go thru everything . . well, here we are!

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