The Key?

I have one specific kitty that sleeps with me at night. Her name is Lolly. She does not like it when I leave over night.

Last weekend I spent a night away when we went to Alpena for the giant rubber duck. Lolly was mad at me when I got home.

This weekend I spent a night away going up north for my sibling lunch. We were going to be back at a reasonable time. But, then we found lots of fun and distracting things . . so we didn’t leave exactly as planned.

We got back after midnight last night. And that must be the key. Lolly was so excited that I came home in time to sleep! She really is a sleep-loving kitty. Bedtime, naps, laying down resting; she loves it all. So coming home during bedtime had her super-duper excited!

Tonight I am thankful that I may have found the key to coming home and not having the cat mad at me! If it doesn’t work in the future, at least it worked last night; and I am thankful for that!

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