Being Busy vs. Zanax Vs. God

I was listening to Dr John Delony earlier this week and he said something along the lines of how a lot of people use “being busy” like Zanax in our culture. Ouch. You know how it feels when you hear a truth that you knew in the back of your mind, but didn’t want to really admit to yet? Yep, that was me with his statement.

I have known for sometime that I hide from some life things with work. There is always work to be done. And work brings about good things. And with work stuff, I can tune out my emotions. I don’t like that I have so many emotions, so I can ignore them with work. Yes, these are things that I’ve known. These are things that I’ve been working (slowly) on addressing.

Change is hard. Confronting issues is hard. I am not afraid of things being hard. What I am is tired.

In my prayer time, God has been leading me to seek help. Maybe I’m so tired because I keep trying to do things on my own. Even when I think I’m making progress with asking for help (and I am), I still have long, long way to go. And because I like to go the extra mile; I need improvement on not just asking people for help, but also trusting God to help – and letting him.

Today in Church, the pastor was talking about how God wants to help. He isn’t just able to help, he wants to! Man, I needed that reminder because there are too many times that I put myself in the same situation so I feel like I need to fix it . . and I do, but God wants to be there, helping in a way that only he can.

Tonight I am thankful for the course-correction help that God is sending my way from multiple sources. I always know that God wants good things for me. But I don’t always live my life like God is eager to help me and give me good things. I tend to turn down my own path that kind of is heading towards God, but in a meandering, curvy way . . my way is not the best way here.

Tonight I am also thankful that just like I am the problem here, I am also part of the solution. Time boundaries, organization, systems, etc are always good helpers for a problem. These are all just tools that God gives us to use. But God wants to be there blessing us with more than just the tools he gives us – he wants to help and guide us in the way that only he can. ❤️

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