I ordered a Shipt shopper today. Yes, I probably could have went and got groceries myself. But, I was trying to get work done. I am moving at the speed of a snail. But, I definitely wouldn’t get any work done if I was at the store!!

I have been watching The Office while working. And it happened to be on the episode with the Michael Scott Paper Company. In those episodes they have a giant container of cheese balls. And it looked good. Hmmm.

So I added Cheese Balls to the Shipt Shopper’s list. And approximately two hours later I had Cheese Balls delivered to my door! Tonight I’m feeling a little spoiled!

Tonight I am thankful for being able to indulge sometimes . . like with Cheese Balls delivered to my door on a whim, inspired by the TV. Yep, spoiled tonight! But, hey, I did get some work done!

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