In my past I have been a pretty strong gal. As a kid I was a tomboy. As a teenager I worked and would do anything the boys would do. As a Momma in her early 20’s (and continuing on) I was holding kiddos and multi-tasking.

Then somewhere in my mid to late 30’s I stopped doing quite so many physical things. I started working more with deskwork. I tried to do physical things with more intentionality. But, it wasn’t quite the same.

And now, I am SO excited to do the adult Ninja classes! Twice a week I will be ninja’ing!! I watched what it did to my kiddo when he started and I want to build muscles like that! I am super excited!

Tonight I am thankful for my first Monday Ninja class!!! The coach is super encouraging and nice! If anyone wants to join me, the kids are doing a bring-a-friend class next week. Maybe the adults can to? I can ask! Let me know if you want to try!

Here is a picture from the drive home . . . because it is pretty 🙂

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