It takes a bit for my stubborn self to admit difficulties. I am a fairly positive person . . at least I try to be.

So here I am admitting, the past couple of weeks have been a little more difficult than I let myself believe. There. I said it.

I knew there would be an adjustment time with this year’s change in homeschooling. The curriculum is different. The way we are handling it is different. My kiddo has had to relearn that he can’t get away with as much when mom is teaching versus dad (sorry to the hubster, but we seriously all know this to be true . . so it is not some scandalous secret).

And it just so happened that I overbooked work for the first couple weeks of homeschool. So yeah, I took what would be a challenging situation and made it more difficult. Because . . ya know, that’s one of my specialties!

Tonight may seem silly, but tonight I am thankful for admitting that this has been a little more challenging than I have let on. Sometimes just admitting what a situation is can be a little freeing. It will take another couple of weeks to find our best groove with this. But we will get there. And the big thing to remember with all of this is that the results will be great! I have no doubt in my mind of that! We are on the right path!

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