In the Middle Area

Oh boy . . today had a theme . .

This morning I put on a pair of capri’s that I hadn’t worn in awhile. I wondered why I hadn’t worn them. Well, the weather had gotten a little cooler, that must have been it. So I put on the capri’s and left. After being at the office for awhile, I noticed that the capris had a hole in them . . in the middle area. Oops! That’s why I haven’t worn them!

Not a big deal. No one could tell . . . so, I put it out here on the internet 🤣

This should be the end of the story. Except I changed my pants and wore different pants to Ninja tonight. It was bring a friend night. My wonderful friend came! And informed me that there was a hole in these pants . . in the middle area. Geesh!

Tonight I am thankful that the first pair of pants was not noticed and that the second pair of pants was only noticed by my soul sister! I’ve done worse. I think my worst moment was when I had on red underwear and walked thru the elementary school with my pants zipper done. At least there is no question that I wear undergarments!! 🤣

No exact picture for tonight’s blog . . so the internet helped me tonight!

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