I’m really not a “joiner”. Like, when I realized I needed to up my work-out game I immediately dismissed the idea of a personal trainer, gym, or any organized class. Well, I still plan on joining Krav Maga classes some day, when the kids are older and don’t need my time.

Anyway, I have had two kiddos do ninja classes now. They make it look so easy. I knew it really wasn’t. But, it wasn’t until the bring a parent class this past spring that I realized how this stuff worked like every muscle in a body! So I joined the adult class.

And this is one thing that I’m glad I joined! It was easier, since I’m there for a kiddo’s class anyway. My class is right after his. I probably wouldn’t do it just for myself. But, since it works with him, I am good with it. The hubster was good with it (I think partly because he is no longer on the hook for driving the kiddo to class 🤣 But, I’ll take it!)

I’ve got nothing left tonight. Whew! I had the windows down the radio blaring on the way home – my kiddo and I had a lovely car concert that ya’ll missed enjoying! 🤣 This is good! These are good workouts! Great company, lots of laughs, and challenging stuff!

Tonight I am glad that I joined in on these classes at Spartan Ninja! One of these nights something may feel easier . . then there will be more challenges! In the meantime, whew! This is pushing me . . which is what I need!

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