Lines of People

Myself and all my kiddos have participated in an experiment this week!

There is a new store in town that has bargain bins of discounted goods. The store puts out all their stuff on Tuesday for $7 per item. Then each day the price per item goes down until today, Saturday, when each item is 25 cents.

Myself and two kiddos went on Tuesday. A kiddo and grandma went on Wednesday. Myself and one kiddo went on Thursday. We skipped yesterday. This morning I had three kiddos with me. We arrived right at 10am, when the store opened. And the line of people went out the store and down to the end of the sidewalk!!!!

I had heard they had lines down the sidewalk on Tuesdays when they brought out their bigger stuff for the week. I totally wasn’t expecting a huge line of people today!!

Today I am thankful that the kiddos and I agree that we love a good deal. BUT, not enough to stand in lines and battle crazed shoppers! Maybe some day we will check out 25 Cent day. But today was definitely not that day!!!

**Pic below is borrowed from the wonderful internet!

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