Breaking Comfort Zone

It is good to go outside of one’s comfort zone. Today was that day for me.

A friend hooked me up with an opportunity to have a booth at a career day. I can talk in front of people . . lots of times I just choose not to 🙂 When it is kids, it is easier. I like kids and teenagers. They aren’t as messed up as adults . . they are usually much more honest – whether in words or in actions.

I believe that I was partially mind-blocking that this event was coming. I did see that there was a zoom meeting about it a week or so ago. But, somehow I didn’t catch that it was actually on the 2nd until last Friday evening, while seated at dinner. Oops!

I’ve never had a booth at a career day. And there truly aren’t a lot of 8th and 10th graders that dream of growing up and becoming a realtor or real estate appraiser. So, I had to make it fun.

I asked our office manager, who did some internet searching. I asked my own teenagers. And thru my hurried research, I had enough ideas to fill my 8 foot table.

Tonight I am thankful that kids came and talked to me today! They all liked the candy. They liked picking their favorite house. The lock boxes tested their skill level. The wheel measurer gave fun to all who tried it. AND, I took a nap shortly after I got home . . it was a much-needed nap! I didn’t sleep too well last night, with thinking about today and how it would go. Tonight I will sleep well!!

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