Heart Stuff

13 Weeks. That is how long it has been since my kiddo has seen the love of her life. That all changes this week!

It is hard watching your kiddo go thru hard life stuff and not being able to make it better. When they get to be adult kiddos, it is harder. When it was a problem with a kid at school, I could get involved. I couldn’t get involved with this. Well, I mean I listened and talked and listened. Those things I could do. I could not go haul the boy away from boot camp. Selfish reasons for my kiddo aside, I wouldn’t want to – this is what the boy wants. And he is allowed to want things . . even if they hurt my kiddo’s heart. We are all proud of him! And I know he’ll be so proud of himself!

Tonight I am thankful that we are down here, waiting for graduation day! We came a couple days early to do a little sight-seeing. I am thankful for the time to explore with two of my kiddos. I am thankful for the excitement of my kiddo! She may just combust with happiness! And I am thankful that her guy has followed his dream and is making it come true!

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