Alright Momma

My mom isn’t really on social media stuffs. But, don’t worry . . I’ll send her this blog. She was right. There, I said it. The End.

Just kidding, we aren’t done yet.

I actually get along very well with my mom. And I frequently call and get her expert opinion on things. The one area where I dwindle in these efforts? Me.

Today Mom asked how my hand was doing. I told her ok. It is ok. I mean, the swelling has gone down almost completely. The last day with my antibiotic is tomorrow. And from its curled position, I can now straighten my finger.

But, there has been absolutely no progress with movement to curl my finger more. It can only move as much downward as it could a week ago. Is that concerning? Yes. Do I want to ignore it and see if it will magically get better? ABSOLUTELY!!!!

That was my plan! I told mom this morning that maybe I’d call the doctor by the end of the week. Then my wonderful mother, who knows how to handle her stubborn daughter says to me, “Ok”. That was all. One word. But it was said in that tone that a mom uses when she knows better, but she isn’t going to force her kid.

Approximately 3 hours later I called the doctor and made an appointment. I’m going in tomorrow. And I’ll try not to be moody. Who can I talk to, to change the medical system to be like – Hey, let’s skip this first appointment because we both know you need tests to see what’s going on in my finger 🙂 I know, it wouldn’t work for everyone. I do understand why the procedures are the way that they are. It is just helpful to remember that on some level, I will possibly always be reacting with my inner child/teen and feel like throwing a fit. But, I won’t.

Tonight I am thankful that I listened to mom. I know this will be good. I need to figure out what is wrong so that we can fix it. And this is how to do this. Bleh.

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