Have you ever had an ah-ha moment on something that should have been obvious to you? I have. And actually one of those moments was just a day or two ago.

See, my tummy has been unhappy since I was taking the antibiotic for my hand. I’ve had very little appetite. Most food does not sound good.

But, I’ve been done with that stupid antibiotic for over a week! My tummy should be happier now, but it isn’t. Then a day or two ago, I had a thought. Then I had an internet search. Yep, at least this antibiotic can upset a gall bladder. Who knew?

I’ve only had my gall bladder unhappy with me one other time, and it was totally my fault. It was the first time I tried a multi-day fast and didn’t actually read the best way to re-introduce food after a fast. Oops!

Tonight I am thankful for the revelation of what the issue is here! Now to take care of my gall bladder and make it happy again! Hopefully in time to eat some Christmas yummies . . and enjoy their yumminess!

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